Alaska Travels: Seward

Good evening, readers. I have a lot of lesson planning/grading/general schoolwork to do, but instead I am here, typing this post. When writing inspiration strikes, you must obey. Kids can teach themselves To Kill a Mockingbird, right? If you are a devoted follower of Riding Westward (lol), you may recall in this blog post that I promised a recap of our summer travels. Well, it is now the first week of September and I am delivering you said promise.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDid you hear that sound? No? Well that was the sound of school starting. Aka me frantically scrambling to assemble my life together in time for the school year to start, only to realize that there were a million more things I needed to do/prep/plan/photocopy/re-photocopy because I found a typo after making 100 copies of said document. You know the deal.

Anyways, Seward. We decided to spend 4 days in Seward celebrating our first wedding anniversary, July 4th, and summer in Alaska. It did not disappoint. We had already been to Seward once before, for a day trip during Labor Day weekend of 2016. While in Seward for the first time we went on a day cruise with Kenai Fjords cruises to do some whale watching, see nature, and also otters. The first time we went we fell in love with this cute little seaside town, and were very excited to go back.

The first thing that’s amazing about Seward is not even Seward itself: it is the drive. The drive from Anchorage is insanely gorgeous. You feel like you’re in another world of magical fjords, glaciers, greenery, and beauty. It is highly recommended (by me) that you play Sigur Ros while driving to Seward.

While in Seward we went sea kayaking, which was cold but also very fun. Seward is on Resurrection Bay, and there’s a lot of fishing that happens in the area. There is also a ton of wildlife: think seals, otters, puffins, whales, etc. etc. etc. We sea kayaking and also went on a small hike as part of our tour. It was really beautiful and a neat way to sea the bay from a different perspective.

Another thing we did was go to the Alaska Sea Life Center. It’s an aquarium of local marine life and it is incredible. There are two dream jobs that exist here: 1) sea otter fluffer and 2) baby walrus massager. Neither of these are a joke, readers.

The highlight of being in Seward was the July 4th Celebration and consequent Mount Marathon Race. If you remotely know Derek and I you know that we love running, and we were geeking out the entire race checking splits and talking strategy. It was inspiring and beautiful to watch these people finish a grueling and gutsy race. I wrote in detail about Mount Marathon in this post, but watching it was an incredible experience. There was so much excitement and town spirit surrounding the race and a lot of Alaskan pride. Interestingly enough, Mark Zuckerberg was in attendance along with his wife. We saw them several times. Apparently he was touring Alaska.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Awkward placement, but best photo I could get of Mount Marathon.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Mount Marathon Race start.

Aside from the touring, we did a lot of relaxing, went on a nice long run, and also ate excellent food. If you are ever in Seward, check out the following:

From the deck of our BnB!

In short, Seward is an awesome nautical town. It feels very Alaskan and very different than Fairbanks, and it was a refreshing getaway for us. Derek and I kept looking at each other and saying, “we love being here!” because we did. If you are in Alaska for a short time (or a long time!) be sure to go to Seward. It is incredibly worth it!

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