Summer Solstice

Prior to moving to Alaska I have literally zero recollection of giving a hoot about Summer Solstice. One beautiful thing about Fairbanks is that the community celebrates Summer Solstice with gusto. I was so grateful Derek came back from Korea in time to participate in the events and that we got to share them together. Summer has always been my favorite season and I love discovering summer in Alaska together.

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Was this photo taken at midnight or the middle of the day? We may never know.

Here are some of the Summer Solstice activities we have been up to lately…

Post Midnight Sun Run. This was 11:15 pm.
  1. The Midnight Sun Run. I am a sucker for any fun run and this was a 10k that started at 10 pm at night. There were over 3,000 runners signed up, which for Fairbanks is a pretty big deal. I am not sure how many states were represented, but the last I heard is that it was in the 40s. I saw people with shirts from all over the US, including Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where I went to school (Go Fighting Illini!) The sun was out the entire time, and when we left to go get Taco Bell afterwards it was still completely light out.
  2. The Midnight Sun Festival. It was like Taste of Chicago for all you midwestern readers (mom and dad), except Alaskan, so weirder. There was food, ice cream, and tents selling everything you could imagine, including fidget spinners. I loved walking around on a crowded street with a lot of people, and also running into friends!
  3. Fishing. Prior to this past week my experiences with fishing were one time fishing Processed with VSCO with c1 presetoff the dock of my friend’s lake house in Wisconsin using hot dogs as bait. When my colleague from work reached out and invited me to go fishing, I was really looking forward to it. We went out on a lake near where Derek and I live and it was really enjoyable to me! I had a great time spending time with her and even cooked some of the rainbow trout we caught that night. I absolutely love getting to know people in Alaska and hearing their stories and hearing about life here beyond the military community, and I am really grateful to her for taking time to teach me about life here. People in Alaska have the absolute best stories. I swear NPR is missing out.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

While sometimes the constant light can get annoying, I am trying to soak it up all I can. I know we won’t live here forever and it’s really special getting to live in a place of such extremes, even if that does mean extreme light and extreme dark.

Solstice for me has been a time of connection. We have connected with other people and our community in unique ways, whether it be through fishing or a fun run. I am so thankful for the sun that brings people out of their homes and for opportunities to connect with local culture and enjoy the solstice.

4 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

    1. well we definitely do the curtain closing too! but you have to be in Fairbanks for the Midnight Sun festivities! So much fun. There is a costume contest during the fun run too and it’s very cute! Rosalind might like it.


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