From Alaska, with love.

Well hello there, blog world.

I feel like starting a blog in many ways is like starting a term paper. It’s a little bit nerve wracking and daunting and unknown. You don’t know where or how to start, but once you get an idea and run with it the words just kind of all fall out there. I have been thinking of writing about our adventures and journey here for a while and I decided it was time to bite the bullet. Here we are.

“What’s it like living in Alaska?” is a question that both my husband and I get a lot, but it’s a really hard one to answer. How do you put into words one of the most life-changing, beautiful, stretching, growing, extreme experiences you’ve ever had? And I’m only 9ish months into our adventure here.

I guess this blog is my attempt to answer that question. Since it’s hard to answer in a sentence or two, I would like to show you. I am an English teacher by trade, and I want to devote my life to the study of the written word. Words and stories are two of my favorite things, and a vital part of the fabrics of our lives. I want to do my best to preserve and capture this season that God has given us here and also share it with those we love dearly.

Today my answer to that question, “what’s it like living in Alaska?” is this: it’s something I’m thankful for. Somehow God saw fit to take a girl who typically despised the cold and hates change and plop her right down in North Pole. Here I am trying to grow and learn. And both of those things I have done.

I want to use this space to share our life here. There is so much beauty and wonderfulness in this Alaskan life, and there is so much Alaska has taught me. In many ways I think of Alaska almost as a person, a person who has silently taught me so many things about life and myself that I had no idea I needed to learn.

I am not quite sure what this blog will look like just yet, but I know that I love stories. I think stories are critically important and I really want to remember what we thought and felt in this season of life. I think this blog will be a revelation of love stories: me and God, me and Derek, and also me with Alaska. The last listed is the most surprising love story I could’ve imagined, but it is one nonetheless and one I enjoy wholeheartedly.

Will you join us? I can promise stories and Alaska and whatever comes beyond and those three combined are quite a trio. Thanks for coming along.

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